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Unlimited variety of dash kit types, designs, colors and materials are offered in the automotive market today. You can easily replace the factory-installed dash kit of your Cadillac Escalade with the new aftermarket one, that will meet your taste and needs. Nowadays, you are offered to choose from wood dash kits, aluminum dash kits, molded dash kits, chrome-rimmed and carbon fiber dash kits. Manufactured from the high quality materials, they will complement the interior of your Cadillac Escalade. Carbon fiber dash kits are very popular as they feature ultra-modern look. The polyurethane coating is used to enhance protection and add glossy finish. Wood dash kits are made by crafting from genuine wood, with application of time-honored techniques.

Choose the desired wood dash kit from the offered variants: genuine real wood veneers, factory-match wood, synthetic woods. Plus they are available in a variety of colors. Wood dash kits bring both feel of comfort and luxury look. Custom-built dash kits will add exclusive style to your vehicle. Find something stylish and unique, something that will meet your taste and vivify the interior of your Cadillac. Produced with the help of latest computer and laser technologies, all dash kits meet the highest quality standards.

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